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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va survivor benefits

Instructions and Help about Va survivor benefits

Staying two years on a commission for military retirement benefits that through her efforts and a few others on the Commission her recommendations will take law effect as law the 1st of January so she's been with a BA and she's extraordinarily knowledgable about survivor benefits what your survivor will be eligible survivors assistance was created the VA is a very large organization it's the second largest federal agency in the United States after it's got three administrations the Veterans Health Administration the Veterans Benefits Administration and the National Cemetery administration and for those of you who were in the military during the time I was in the military 78 to 2022 you may remember that all of the services were fairly stove-piped at one point Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard and now because of things that have happened the services are working together much better than they used to well VA is lagging a little bit behind that we're still starting light and those three administrations the three administrations do not share data they do not share software and they have different forms and different eligibility and different 1-800 call numbers so it can be very difficult sometimes navigate through the VA and if you're a survivor a family member of a veteran who has passed you don't need to be navigating different administrations during that very very emotional tragic time so the office of survivors assistance was created so that a family member could call my office and we don't have a computer answering machine we answer you Monday through Friday and we can take care of any issue that a surviving family member has no matter which administration or how complicated the issue is and I believe you all received the pamphlet my direct line is on the back of the pamphlet so anytime you have a question and issue or you know of someone else that does please feel free to call because that's why we're there President Abraham Lincoln during his second inaugural address the last paragraph said let us strive as a nation to bind up our wounds and to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and for his orphan and to me that is about the most elegant and simple mission statement that any organization could have and he said those were 65 years before the Veterans Administration was even created what a visionary Abraham Lincoln was and I think if you go back into the center you'll see the theories and posters celebrating Veterans Day 2022 that have Abraham Lincoln's and that forward on the bottom and so the Veterans Administration is a little bit different than what Abraham Lincoln might have envisioned it to be we have three hundred and thirty thousand VA employees another forty thousand contractors and we're spread out around the United States and the Philippines Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island we even have some veterans.

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