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How to prepare VA 21-601

Obtain the VA 21-601 on the internet
Utilize your desktop computer or mobile device to open the form on the internet in the PDF file editor. Click on Get Form to examine the present edition of the form.
Fill in the form
Fill out the template in depth, supplying exact details. If there is a signature place, include your signature by drawing or typing it.
E-file the file
You may pass printing and submit your papers online through email. Check with the respective regulators if the form is approved in electronic format.

About VA 21-601

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FAQ - VA 21-601

What is the purpose of VA 21-601?
You may use VA 21-601 as it pertains to any person for whom an appeal was filed, for any period of time. If you do not use VA 21-601, you must follow VA 21-502, Notice of Appeal. This applies whether you were convicted after applying for a pardon or you were convicted in one jurisdiction and the judgment became final in another jurisdiction. What does VA 21-601 do? What does it not do? VA 21-601 does not: Adjudicate a pardon as to a person who was found not guilty by reason of insanity at any time of the crime of which the person was convicted of or, if a judgment was not entered, the defendant remained at large at any time during the criminal procedure. Adjudicate a pardon in any cases in which a pardon has been granted by a court of the country from which the person was convicted. Adjudicate a pardon in an action brought to obtain a pardon in any of the following instances: (a) A person is the subject of an order of a court of the country from which the person was convicted, or (b) A warrant for a person's arrest is issued by a court of the country from which the person was convicted. (c) A warrant is issued by a court of the country from which the person was convicted and has not been served. (d) An information or indictments for a crime is filed in a court of the country from which the person was convicted. (e) An indictment is filed in a court of the country from which the person was convicted. (f) A warrant is issued by a federal magistrate with jurisdiction in the country from which the person was convicted that contains a finding that the person committed the crime with the assistance of, at the direction of, or in association with another person who was a member or a collaborator of (i) a communist guerrilla force, (ii) a member or a collaborator of a political party, organization or regime listed in item (AA) of the following table, or (iii) a foreign terrorist organization. (d) A person has engaged or remains engaged in terrorist activities. Adjudicate a pardon of an offense that includes the offense of treason (i) that was committed before July 28, 1951, or (ii) that was committed before March 6, 1952.
Who should complete VA 21-601?
In order to complete the course, you must: Acknowledge that you are responsible for the consequences of your actions. Complete VA 21-601 and/or the appropriate State-specific training. Make your completion of a course or program of instruction mandatory for a qualifying condition. Be medically fit for service, or have successfully completed at least 100 hours or 150 hours of professional or continuing education related to the qualifying condition. Are you currently participating in a Veterans Transition Assistance Program (TAP)? If you are a member of the Reserve or National Guard, you may be eligible for assistance in completing VA 21-601 with a qualifying condition. Please contact your local Veteran Service Officer for more information. How can I pay the 30 fee? The fee to receive an instruction manual is 30. If you are a veteran with at least 25 years of honorable or general service, you will receive an instruction manual for the course for free. All other veterans and veteran spouses are responsible for paying their own training fee and supplies. Contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information. How can I find out if VA 21-601, 21-602, or 21-603 has taught me to do certain things better? If you attended other courses or military training related to your current qualifying condition, you may be able to find out more information in relation to how VA 21-601, 21-602, or 21-603 have taught you to better use your mental, physical, and social strengths. To assist you in making certain decisions, the National Center for PTSD will post on its website an information sheet that contains summaries of key topics covered in VA 21-601, 21-602, or 21-603.
When do I need to complete VA 21-601?
A. You must take the course. A copy of your Form 1782 (DD Form 214) showing the amount of time from the date of service in the period of enlistment to the date of separation or release is required. B. The course must be successfully completed at least 30 days before you are discharged from the military. C. The 21-501 course must be the first course of instruction you take on the basis of your appointment as a commissioned officer. D. For all other categories, you must complete the course. A copy of your form 21-502 (DD Form 214) showing the date of service in the period of enlistment to the date of separation or release is required. A. The date of service in a qualified reserve status for the period of enlistment to the date of separation or release. B. The date of your actual separation. If you have multiple separations, include them as a single date. C. The date of your release from active duty due to completion of your period of enlistment to the date of separation or release. D. The date of your discharge from active duty due to completion of your period of enlistment to the date of separation or release. E. The date of a military honor guard's discharge due to completion of your period of enlistment to the date of separation or release. III. Where can I find information on and information about the military service? A. If you served in the United States Armed Forces, you may read the information in the official military service record books (DD Forms) and in any accompanying instructions and regulations. You can search for additional information by viewing the “Resources” section of, or the National Military Information Center's (MIC) online military service record book. B. If you have a copy of a military service record book that you wish to purchase for 0.50, you can have a copy shipped to yourself within 30 days after you purchase the book with the cost included. If you have a copy of the MIC book, you can have a copy shipped with your order from the MIC by calling the toll-free telephone number for military records inquiries or e-mail us at C.
Can I create my own VA 21-601?
No, you cannot create your own VA 21-61X and 21-302. We recommend purchasing a VA 21-61X (see FAQs) or 21-301 (see FAQs) for your new VA 21-605. (Read below for an explanation of the difference between the two VA's.) What about my VA 21-601's “Old Design”? The original design of the 1" x 6" (2.5 cm x 15.4 cm) VA21-601, as opposed to the VA 21-606, was based on the traditional 1" x 5" (2.5 cm x 13.5 cm) VA-1A. In other words, the original design was designed to have an extra 1/4” depth inside to house the dials. However, after the VA 21-601 was introduced in the early 1960s, it was discovered that a 1" x 6" VA21-601 would actually fit inside the VA-1A's 1" x 5" (2.5 cm x 13.5 cm) housing. That's because the 1" VA21-601 was designed to hold a slightly thicker sheet than the original one-piece metal VA1A. As such, the original 2 1/2" 1" x 6" VA21-601 sheet would not fit completely inside the 1 1/16” 1 1/4” (31.5 mm x 50 mm) housing of the original VA1A. This resulted in the need for the design that's common today. (Also, be aware that the 2 1/4" VA-1A was later retrofitted with its own 1" x 6" housing because of the need for the extra “extra depth”.) Does the VA 21-605 fit into the 1 1/8” VA21-01? If you would like to buy an 1 1/8" VA's, you can use our VA 21-605 or VA 21-301, but it is recommended that you purchase a more expensive 1" VA21-605 to hold the dials. (Please refer to Our VA 21-605 for an explanation of how we determine the value of the 1" VA's) The original VA21-601s, as opposed to the 1" x 6" version, were designed, so they could hold both the 24 and 36 hour dials easily.
What should I do with VA 21-601 when it’s complete?
Once VA 21-601 is complete, you should send your paperwork and a copy of your DD214 to the following address: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs P.O. Box 1028 Baltimore, MD 21201 VA 21–601 Form (PDF) To file a claim for VA compensation, you must first contact your local veterans administration (VA) office to apply for a claim form and attach documentation of your discharge, illness, disability, etc. Can my child still be eligible for disability benefits? Some parents claim that their child is disabled under VA 21-601 (i.e., unable to work), even though such a claim is not authorized. This is because of a provision of the law that allows parents “who can prove that their child is able to work” to receive a tax-free disability payment. Some parents may be unaware of this benefit and claim their child has been “disabled” by a VA rule that they cannot follow. However, VA 21–601 expressly prohibits such benefits. If your child is unable to work due to physical or mental condition, or as a result of another disability, you should consult a lawyer who specializes in disability law. Do not rely on the assumption that your child can work, when your child has already been awarded benefits. What happens if I claim VA 21-601 and my child does not work? The amount of compensation your child will receive depends upon your child's age and your ability to work. A child who is 6 years old cannot work, and the amount of compensation he or she will receive depends on whether he or she is disabled, has a physical or mental condition that prevents him or her from working, or is unable to work because he or she has been awarded benefits. If VA 21–601 has been awarded as a result of a claim for disability, the VA will calculate the amount of compensation you are entitled to based upon your age: 0–4 years old 0.32 per week 5–12 years old 0.47 per week 13–18 years old 1.00 per week You and the VA cannot agree on the amount of compensation you ought to receive as a result of your disability.
How do I get my VA 21-601?
Call the VA's Customer Support Line at. The Veterans Crisis Line (), 24-hour crisis line for veterans, is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You may also call the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at, available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Where can I find resources and information on veterans' mental health and suicide? To find local military and veterans resources including mental health and suicide tips, visit the website for your area's veterans organization.
What documents do I need to attach to my VA 21-601?
You will attach any documents related to your claim for veteran's preference as long as they meet the requirements to be considered for a VA 21-601 request. The documents you must attach may include: Certified copies of your service records; Certified copies of your military orders; and, Certified copies of your military orders and orders for medical evaluation. How do I attach a Certificate of Release (COR) to my claim? You may attach your COR as evidence you are not disqualified. To receive a COR you must provide proof that you are not disqualified (for example, a military record check). What documents do I need to attach when requesting VA 21-601? You must also submit any other documents required for your claim. Do I need to complete a claim form for my request for VA 21-601? It is recommended that all the documents be filed in one document. This saves both time and paper. However, it is not mandatory. If you need to prepare separate documents for your claim, you can file your request as part of your online claim form. What are the steps for a VA 21-601 Request? Submit your request online and print an application. To request VA 21-601 for the number of people with a disability, provide one of the following: In Person: Call the Department in your county. Ask for the person who will conduct the Disability Evaluation. Provide the applicant's driver's license. Call the Department in your county. Ask for the person who will conduct the Disability Evaluation. Provide the applicant's driver's license. By Mail: Fill out the form online and mail to the address given above. Complete the form online and mail to the address given above. By Mail: Fill out and mail form VA 21-601 to: Department of Veterans Affairs Attn: Disability Evaluation Policy PO Box 495 Baltimore, MD 21235 Attn: Disability Evaluation Policy PO Box 495 Baltimore, MD 21235 The VA Disability Evaluation Policy is located in Building 1, Room 4100, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Where can I find the documentation to support my VA 21-601 claim? As a part of your request, you will receive a response from the Disability Evaluation Policy that outlines the steps you will go through and what information to submit to support your request.
What are the different types of VA 21-601?
VA 21-601 forms are available in the following types: VA Form 4031 -- For information on this form and form 4031-1, please use the online system. For more information about the form 4031, and to order the forms and information, call the Veterans Benefits Administration toll-Free at or complete the online application at. VA Form 4303 -- For additional questions related to VA forms 4303, 4304/6, and 4305, please view the Frequently Asked Questions form for VA Forms 4303, 4304/6, 4305 and 4110. VA Form 4110 -- For information regarding Form 4110, please read the Frequently Asked Questions form for VA Form 4110. VA Form 6150 -- For information on VA Form 6150, please read the Frequently Asked Questions form for VA Form 6150. Veterans can find more information about the different VA benefits by visiting. Which veterans service organizations can claim compensation for the lost benefits? VA has established guidelines for how veterans organizations can file claims. This information is available in the “Services & Resources” section on. VA will contact you to learn of your situation and the procedures you must follow to file a claim. You also may use the procedures for veterans organization claims as explained in Chapter 24 of the “Veterans Claims Processing Manual.” This includes the following: Check the box for “Claims for compensation for lost benefits.” The amount of compensation for loss of benefits is determined. Submit your claim and supporting documentation by the due dates set forth by either Schedule E of the Form 4110 or the VA Claims Processing Manual. You are required to submit all supporting documentation by the due dates of the schedules.
How many people fill out VA 21-601 each year?
The number is unknown. “Because VA 21-601 is intended only for certain health care providers, the actual number of people who complete the survey could be higher than the number of people who completed it,” says Katherine Some at the VA Hospital Corps Network. The annual survey has been administered since 2004. Why is it important? Because the survey, developed by veterans groups, can help quantify patient wait times, and get doctors and hospitals to improve scheduling standards. “It has the most clinical relevance for the needs of our hospitals,” says Some. “It's the best way we know to tell how much we need to change for patient care in the nation's hospitals.” Is everything public? Yes, but people will have to access the information on a free website that's expected to launch early next year. In the meantime, you can get the data by calling or go online to
Is there a due date for VA 21-601?
If so, when is it due? Do you have any further comments? Are you requesting this for personal use or commercial use? Are you requesting this on behalf of a business? Would the VA be more than happy to assist you? Are you aware that if I receive your personal information, my data may be provided to a third party that knows, or has reasonable grounds to know, your identity. I am not your parent, guardian, or spouse. Do not give or provide any information about anyone else. Thank you, Jason. If you're not concerned with the security of your data, there's no need to contact the VA Office for Civil Rights because the VA simply says that “there is no formal response from the VA on this matter, and you should contact the person that you think has the right to release your data.” The only real way to get help with VA data privacy is for the VA to address a “remedial action needed” question in its complaint guidelines. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine a more urgent problem.
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